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Flotilla Software

Designed for real time tracking and fleet management platform, steering your fleet to a more profitable future. Get detailed and insightful information that helps you make data driven decisions.

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In today’s world, automation and integration have become the foremost requirement for improved business performance. Flotilla IoT is a telematics platform, providing solutions for Fleet Management system and GPS Tracking.

The system is easy to implement, thereby improving the productivity of the vehicles combined with our experience and expertise in the latest digital innovations, we aptly provide solutions to meet the needs of the business better, and more effectively than ever before.

Flotilla Team Our team consists of highly energetic and innovative professionals who build intelligent systems and leverage expertise in integration, analytics, and unparalleled services. We strive to achieve excellence by helping our partners get detailed and insightful information that empowers them to make data-driven decisions.

You can start your new tracking business using our white label solution,

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You can start your new tracking business using our white label solution,

Why Flotilla
In today’s competitive business environment where cost competitiveness may serve as a single most effective competitive advantage for businesses,

To increase the safety, efficiency and sustainability of operations by transforming data into intelligence.

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